Development started - devLog #1

Hello community! 

Just stopped by to say that I started developing a new game.  It's an homage to an arcade racing game from the '90s - Moto Racer 1. The itch page is still restricted, but you're invited to check the YouTube channel where I keep my development progress videos. 
Every day, when I'm done working, I upload a new video on YouTube featuring the stuff I've been working on that day. The game has been in development for 15 days (you can see the video # on youtube to know which day of development it was). The work is done in Unreal Engine 4 to keep the graphics in the 21st century :)

I'm still new to itch, so I'm not sure what to (not) attach. Should I post a video inside the text or add it as an attachment? My game is still restricted, so not sure how this will reflect stuff.

Here's a video to get you started - this is day 15.
Hope you like it!

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